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Query 1 -- 6

Eight Individuals Unces, Y, Back button, W, Sixth is v, U, T, S and R are to serve on three committees labeled A, B and C. oEach Candidate Must be server in exactly among the committees. oCommittee A should certainly consist of accurately one affiliate more than that of committee B. oIt may be possible that there are no members of committee C.

oAmong Z, Y and X non-e can provide on committee A.

oAmong W, Versus and U non-e can serve on committee C.

oAmong To, S and R none can provide on committee C.


1 . Just in case T and Z are definitely the individuals offering on panel B, how many of the nine individuals should certainly serve upon committee C? A. a few

B. some

C. your five

D. 6

E. several


The best response is usually B.

If perhaps two people serve in committee N, then three would work within a. This total 6 within a and N. The rest some of the persons would serve in C.

2 . With the nine individuals, the maximum amount that can serve together about committee C is A. 9

B. eight

C. several

D. 6

E. 5


The best response is definitely D.

If one functions in panel B, today two folks have to work in A, the rest 6 can serve in C. Additionally, the persons serving in committee A and W are 3rd there’s r, S, and T since they cannot provide in committee C.

3. In case L is the only individual offering on panel B, which will among the subsequent should provide on committee A? A. W and S

B. V and U

C. V and T

G. U and S

Elizabeth. T and S


The best response is Elizabeth.

S and T are not able to serve in committee C. Therefore , these two will have to provide in panel A. Furthermore, one person in B means two people in A.

5. In case, the nine individuals serves on committee C, which among the list of following could hardly be the candidate to serve in committee A? A. L

B. Y

C. Watts

D. To

E. S i9000


The very best response is definitely C.

Not one we are left with two state i. at the.

A cannot have X, Y and Z and B cannot have U, V and W

As a result A can have U, V, W, R, S and T, the only readily available option is W which can serve about committee A.

5. In the event that T, S i9000 and X are the only individuals providing on committee B, the total membership of committee C should be A. Unces and Y

B. Z . and T

C. Y and Versus

D. Sumado a and U

E. Times and V


The best response is A.

If S, T and X reside in M, then several persons has to be in A. 4 persons portion in A can be R, U, B, and W. Con and Unces cannot provide in committee, A according to conditions. As a result only Y and Unces are likely candidates to serve in C.

6. Among the next combinations which may constitute the membership of committee C? A. Sumado a and To

B. X and U

C. Y, X and W

M. W, Sixth is v and U

E. Unces, X, U and Ur


The very best response can be B.



a few


five 1



four 6




From this, it is evident that even volume of candidates would serve in C, and the ones not contain R, S and To. The only alternative that contains also number of prospects and the comprime that do not include L, S and T is usually option W i. elizabeth. X and U.

Queries 7 – 12

Four captains plus the first partners of 3 of them had been called to go to the annual meeting for head quarters. The boat captains were Luqman, Manzoor, Nauman, and Osaf; the initially mates were Ayesha, Durya, and Gia. Each person in return delivered a study to the chairperson as follows:

All the first mates delivered all their report exactly after her captain. The first captain to speak was Manzoor, and captin Nauman spoke after him. (Represent the person with first notice of his name)


7. Which in turn of the subsequent order of delivering report is not conformable with...

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