Do Teenagers Have Too Much Freedom Essay

Teens have excessive freedom?

This kind of I do not really agree with and in my essay I will go over why people might think this, the responsibilities that restrict young adult freedom, there expectations and just how it is just father or mother to afraid to let youngsters go.

First of all teenagers have got a lot to deal with and have a whole lot of obligations. They have careers, going through growing up. And on best of that they are really trying to confirm them selves dependable and adult to their parents. A lot more teens are moving out younger and younger these days. And if father and mother would figure out them a little more then it wouldn't be so stressful for teenagers

Secondly university takes away a lot of independence.

Freedom of time, originality, alternatives, freedom of speech and even freedom we now have after university. " College and groundwork take up most of the very little time I have. During work, school and sleeping there's no the perfect time to do anything more. Not even in the holidays. ” Says Santana Tainui the average, normal 20 year old college student from Dannevirke High School. This is important to know mainly because most teens are battling this " freedom. ” This usually leading in poor school outcomes, too much pressure and teenagers dropping away of school and society.

Parent's hold back a whole lot of their kids freedom. They will like to be sure their children tend not to the blunders they manufactured when they were younger, failing to realize they are holding their children back coming from experience. As well parents include a lot targets for their children to go to college, get great grades, not talk as well as to do what their informed when all their told, so where is the liberty in that? I think that father or mother are to worried to let youngsters in to the world fearing that they may loose contact, or not really survive the earth. As Good Charlotte (the ordinary band) include quoted in a single of their tracks " The River” " To the praying mother as well as the worried father let your kids go in the event that they come back they'll return home stronger of course, if they avoid you'll...

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