Prevention Is Better Than Cure Essay

Reduction Is Better Than Treatment

A proverb is a popular short saying gives helpful advice. As there are various languages in the world, there are many proverbs. These proverbs are terms of intelligence and if we really understand and follow these people, our job will be built smoother and easier, we all will devote fewer blunders and we will manage to lead an improved more successful life. Of all these kinds of proverbs, none is truer and better than the proverb" Prevention surpasses cure". This is certainly one of the first proverbs we learn from kinds of living conditions.

The saying " Prevention is better than cure" practically means that it is advisable to prevent a disease than to cure that. It is a wise stating because every person contracts a disease; it takes a lot of time and money to recuperate health. Everybody should always bear in mind to take superb care of his own wellness throughout his life just before misfortunes comes. Moreover, in many cases, the disease leaves some bad effect at the rear of and that person can never regain his previous condition. Elimination brings various advantages. Avoidance is less expensive than get rid of. It will save you not only money and time but likewise man electrical power. It also educates people how to prevent diseases as well as how to live a normal life. That saying could be applied to several things. In human's character, any kind of bad character shall be prevented before it is formed. Eradicating and changing bad habit or character is a must, before it has been created. In the same way, residing in poverty by simply self-control is usually nicer than becoming poor in debt by simply waste a lot. Health, the very best value, can easily neither be purchased nor traded with any amount of money. There is not any better approach to keep health except simply prevention.

Human's power of reasoning or experience can be well applied for his own benefit. Man can calculate the down sides and adopt some ways to avoid them. It is best to prevent a loss than to repair it. Better to stop danger than to overcome it. Better not to commit a crime than to serve a...

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