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Copyright © Primavera 1999 - 3 years ago. All legal rights reserved. When reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the document, Primavera assumes not any liability caused by any omission or inaccuracies in this doc or from use of the information obtained thus. Primavera stores the right to produce changes to any products referred to herein to boost reliability, function, or style, and supplies the right to modify this file and to make improvements from time to time in content hereof with no accountability to inform any person of revisions or perhaps changes. Primavera does not presume any legal responsibility arising from the application or perhaps use of any kind of product explained herein; neither does it communicate license underneath its patent rights or perhaps the rights more. Please send your remarks to: Primavera Systems, Inc. Three Municion Plaza Western Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 Telephone: 1-610-667-8600 FAX: 1-610-667-7894 World Wide Web web page: Computer programs Copyrights: The Primavera software products described in this file may not be duplicated, reproduced, modified, or distributed in any way without Primavera's express written permission. Employ and Disclosure Restrictions: The software program described from this document is the property of Primavera Systems. It is furnished under a license agreement and may even be used and/or disclosed just in accordance with the terms of the arrangement. U. S. Government Restricted Rights: If the Software is acquired for or on behalf of the us of America, its agencies and/or instrumentalities (" U. S. Government”), it is supplied with RESTRICTED PRIVILEGES. The Software and accompanying paperwork are " commercial pc software” and " commercial computer software paperwork, ” correspondingly, pursuant to 48 C. F. Ur. 12. 212 and 227. 7202, and " constrained computer software” pursuant to 48 C. F. 3rd there�s r. 52. 227-19(a), as applicable. Use, customization, reproduction, launch, performance, display or disclosure of the Software and associated documentation by U. S i9000. Government are subject to restrictions as set forth in this Arrangement and pursuant to forty-eight C. N. R. 12. 212, 52. 227-14 (Alternate III), 52. 227-19, 227. 7202, and 1852. 227-86, as suitable. Trademarks: Climamite, the Bobo sundial logo, P3, P3e, P3e/c, Incauto Enterprise, Bobo Evolve, Incauto Expedition, Climamite Project Advisor, Primavera TeamPlay, Primavision, PrimeContract, and SureTrak are possibly trademarks, registered trademarks, or perhaps service signifies of Bobo in the United States and/or in other countries. All the other trademarks pointed out herein will be the property of their respective owners.

Certain items included in the application require the following disclosures: Certified under the Apache License, Variation 2 . zero (the " License" ); you may not utilize this file apart from in compliance with the Certificate. You may obtain a copy from the License by Until required by simply applicable legislation or consented to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed with an " SINCE IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTY SPECIFICS OR CONDITIONS OF ANY SORT, either communicate or implied. See the License for the particular language governing permissions and limitations under the License. ***** The Indien Software License, Version 1 ) 1 Copyright laws (c) 2000 The Apache Software Base. All legal rights reserved. Repartition and use in source and binary varieties, with or perhaps without changes, are acceptable provided that this conditions happen to be met: one particular Redistributions of source code must support the above copyright laws notice, this kind of list of conditions and the pursuing disclaimer. 2 Redistributions in binary form must recreate the above copyright laws notice, this list of circumstances and the pursuing disclaimer inside the documentation and other materials provided with the circulation. 3 The end-user records included with the redistribution, in the event that any, need to include the following acknowledgment: " This product...

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