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In 1732, the slave ship Diligent beneath Captain Caillou Mary acquired slaves via ______Blight of Benin_______ and transported these to _____Martinique________. In 1655, the slave send, Witte Paard, arrived in Ny with ___391_______ slaves. From 1607 to 1650, just how many voyages listed the principle place of slave landing in Mainland United states? ____1_____ About what year did it arrive with slaves? _1628________ What was the name of the vessel? __Good Fortune_________ How many servant voyages had been listed pertaining to the years 1514 to 1607? ___540__________ How many slaves were disembarked after the United states of america banned the slave transact in 1808? (Use the date selection 1808 to 1866 just for this question. ) __2486010__________________ Just how many of those disembarked in Landmass North America? ______5900_________ The writer of the hymn " Amazing Grace, ” John Newton, served being a slave deliver captain. Complete the following graph on most of his voyages. (Questions 3–5) Vessel Term Year Came with Slaves Principal Area of Slave Purchase Principal Region of Slave Obtaining Duke of Argyle

1751 Windward Seacoast Antigua


1753 Winward Coast St Kitts


1754 Sierra Leone St . Kitts

With the information provided, complete the following chart: (Hint: the Synopsis Statistics case will make this kind of easier)

Range of Voyages Range of Slaves Embarked Number of Slaves Disembarked Percentage who passed away on journey Length of Middle Passage Percentage of Men Percentage of Children Dates: 1607–1690 Principle Host to Slave Getting: Brazil

234 66504 56098 14. some 37. being unfaithful 55. 6th 18. 1

Dates: 1607–1690 Principle Place of Slave Clinching: Caribbean 1068 335823 267919 21. 8 79. 8 57. a few 11. one particular

Dates: 1607–1690 Principle Place of Slave Obtaining: Mainland America 34 677. 5 5528 12. one particular 98. zero 71. almost 8 3. eight

Dates: 1607–1690 Principle Host to Slave Landing: Spanish American Mainland 734 184668 133267 28. several 78. 5 66. 7 27. 4

Dates: 1691–1808 Principle Host to Slave Landing:...

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