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Customer response system


In this section you will learn history that will help prepare you to understand and each of the milestones of this example. This information includes a history of the company, a description with the business's current facilities, as well as the descriptions in the problems that activated the task.

Case background

Coastline systems, consulting is a small solutions provider company located in Destin, Florida. The staff of seven IT experts, designers, systems analysts, and programmers offers a range of network, computer hardware, and software solutions to area businesses, coastline works together with client to assess their small business, they then provide a packaged remedy that often combines custom-built equipment, purchased software program, and custom made programming, as well as the seven specialists, coastline features one receptionist/bookkeeper.

As a small organization, coast is a casual, ”shirt-sleeve” environment. Everyone is on the first-name basis, even with Pete Charles, the president.

Corporation structure

Coast systems asking

Information systems facilities


• Every technician works uses a Dell notebook:

to Pentium III class devices with 128 MB RAM, 10-20 GB hard drives

um Pentium four class equipment with FIVE HUNDRED TWELVE MEGABYTES RAM, 30-50 GB hard disk drives

• The bookkeeper/receptionist provides a Dell Optipex desktop operating a Pentium some, 256 MEGABYTES RAM, and an 70 GB hard disk:

• Working systems-MS Home windows NT 5. 0, House windows 2000 Specialist, or Or windows 7 Professional

• Tools-MS Business office XP collection plus other software based on use

• Internet Browser- Internet Explorer(version 6 or perhaps higher)

• Various injet and lazer printers


• Dell PowerEdge Machine

o 512 megabytes of RAM, forty five GB RAID-5 hard drive storage

o Working system-MS Home windows 2000 Server

o Rendering DHCP, Secureness, and internet Access, and Databases Management(SQL Server 2000)

• Dell PowerApp Appliance Machines

o Rendering Webhosting

u Operating system-Windows 2000 Server with IIS


• The corporation headquarters comes with wireless marketing so notebooks can roam throughout this individual building. Notebooks also have included Ethernet NICs and modems so they can hook up to the Internet at home and at clients' palaces of business.

The situation

The that technicians will be drowning in a sea of work and be employed by clients can be not being required for an optimum fashion. Clients call up and email-based both towards the general office and to specific consultants if he or she have any sort of hardware or perhaps software problem. Consultants deal with the obtain that come right to them. Kathy Frey, the receptionist/bookkeeper, passes on request that come through the basic office. In case the problem is sophisticated it may need multiple journeys, and the technician has to monitor what individual done to make an effort to fix the problem. Occasionally a second technician has to be sent, necessitating communication concerning the previous work.

|PROBLEMS, OPPORTUNITIES, OBJECTIVES, AND RESTRICTIONS MATRIX | | TRIGGER AND RESULT ANALYSIS |SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT GOALS | |Problem or Option |Causes and Effects |System Objective |System Constraint | |1. The IT consultants |1. Patient's system settings is certainly not tracked; |1. Allow clients to submit and |1. Job cannot surpass | |are drowning in a sea of |consultants often have to make multiple trips to the|track asks for via the Internet. |$50, 000 devoid of owner's | |work, and work for |field. |2. Eradicate duplication of...

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