«Sicko» Film Review Dissertation

" Sicko”

" Sicko” is a film by documentary film superstar Michael Moore. He could be back at it, this time taking a fracture at the American Healthcare program, and the misfortune that open for use by privatizing the Health Insurance providers. Michael even comes close and clashes the American way of undertaking all things health related, to the remaining portion of the world, getting to lumination and putting to rest, lots of the misbeleifs. This individual travels to Canada. Portugal, England, and to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba!

Along the journey Jordan unveil's a large number of American Health care horror testimonies, vividly pointing out the discrepencies between our way. and " thiers”. Every other nation had a completely lax attitude toward the idea of needing the attention of a doctor, atleast coming from a financial perspective. While Moore showed us the lives of people who will never manage to stop working, who have dropped everything including their homes, and some with even shed their lives as a result of health issues, as if not being in bad health isn't enough.

This film really sets the " American Way” under the microscopic lense, showing how little we work together and to help each other. HMO's are like the anti-Robin Hood in the healthcare universe, who I think have motivated the price of health-related to astronomic proportions. Since no one is afraid to charge the top billion money corporation a lot of money, the big billion dollars dollar company doesn't brain charging us an arm and a leg. It's a faceless, shameless, business, there is not any sympathy through a medical data, it's a lot easier to " Decline” somebody who represents little more than a policy number. Eileen shows us the true motives of many political figures and HMO's from the point-of-view of the individual taxpayer. You will experience motivated to get up and " change” something when this film's credits move, guaranteed!

I think Michael Moore has done a great job bringing fact to a subject that is stuffed with propagana. Somehow all of these sterotypes about other countries...

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