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IB MYP Response to Literature

You will write a multi-paragraph essay to show your understanding of the literary factors and of the business and written expression linked to drafting an essay. Select one of the short stories all of us read inside the first 1 / 4 and interact to the immediate. Your composition should have an intro that includes the writer and title of the short story, a quick summary from the story, and a clear thesis statement. Generally there should also become three assisting paragraphs with cited proof and a conclusion. The essay will need to follow MLA style.

Prompt: In a beautifully shaped essay, describe how the author of one with the short reports we have browse uses 3 literary factors to reveal a composition.


1 . Select the short account you want to talk about:

" A Sound of Thunder”

" And of Clay-based Are We all Created”

2 . Identify a style from that account

3. Select 3 crucial literary elements from that account that demonstrate THEME: Establishing




Point of View/Narration



4. Complete the attached outline

5. Write a first draft

6. Peer-edit and revise

several. Write a final draft! 

Name _____________________ Block ___

Outline pertaining to MYP Short Story Article

A. Introduction

1 . Connect to grab focus (about something related to history or theme): " A Sound of Thunder” occurs in a futuristic setting in a place where time travel around was made. The concept of the the story is that everything you perform impacts the near future, one little mistake may cause major consequences. Ray Bradbury, uses foreshadowing, setting, and conflict to reveal the theme of his short story, " A Sound of Oklahoma city. ”

B. Body Passage #1

1 . Topic Sentence/Observation: The 1st literary term that Beam Bradbury uses is foreshadowing to give away clues of what is going to happen in the future. " Stay on the way. Don't stop it. I actually repeat. Don't go off. For almost any reason! In the event you fall of, there's a fees and don't...

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