Hum 135 Week 1 Vocabulary Questions Essay

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Appendix C

HUM 145 Week 1 Vocabulary To discover

Define these types of terms in your words.

1 . ImmanentTo experience fact as it is unseen in the at this point. 2 . ReligionA system of beliefs and practices in the great. 3. TheisticA religion produced by the marriage an individual has with Goodness. 4. MonotheisticA religion that worships one God in a singular kind. 5. ProfaneTo treat a great occurrence as unimportant or ordinary. 6th. PolytheisticA faith that worships Gods of several attributes and forms. several. MonisticA faith that worships one Goodness with many features and varieties. 8. DogmaA policy deemed truth with out personal knowledge of how or perhaps dispute. 9. NontheisticComplete belief that one Goodness is the inventor and leader of the world. 10. TranscendentReality continues over and above the material world. 11. IncarnationsAn unseen being or nature that sometimes takes human form. doze. KenshoMeetings with realities that is unseen.

13. AtheismThe belief that there is no God.

16. AgnosticismNot sure if The almighty exists or perhaps not.

15. RitualsWorship actions which have been repeated.

of sixteen. SymbolsMaterial images that translate indescribable psychic experiences. 18. MythsTraditional reports that clarify undeterminable origins within the world.. 18. OrthodoxTo follow a faith based on the original methods, laws, and creeds. 19. Routinization of charismaThe risk of burning off traditions and inner spirits of religions because of concentrate on the pioneers or leaders. 20. AbsolutistsPeople who stay away from modern affects and believe in the original rules. 21. CharismaThe act of worshiping the founder or perhaps leader of the religion more than religion by itself. 22. FundamentalismSuggest that spiritual people would use violence against various other religions. 23. PhenomenologyThe viewpoint thought that objects and incidents are processed within the human consciousness only. 24. LiberalThose those are more relaxed with religious traditions and...

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