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India- Physiography

India can be split up into four physical divisions. They are really: 1) The Northern Mountain range 2) The North Indian Plain 3) The Peninsular Plateau 4) The Seaside regions and Islands


1 . THE NORTHERN MOUNTAINS: The Himalayan mountains form the north mountain location of India. They are the highest mountain amounts in the world. They may have the highest peaks, deep miles, glaciers etc . These hill ranges begin from Pamir Knot in the west and extend about Purvanchal inside the east. They extend over 2, five-hundred km. They've been formed during different phases of continental drift with the Gondwanaland mass. There are 3 parallel varies in the Himalayas. They are (a) The Greater Himalayas or Himadri, (b) The Lesser Himalayas or Himachal and (c) The Outer Himalayas or Siwaliks.

2 . NORTH INDIAN PLAIN: The North Indian basic is also known as the Gangetic plain. The total area of this plain is around 6, 52, 000 sq km. This kind of plain is situated between the Himalayan Mountains in the north and the Peninsular level in the southern and is shaped by the clod brought straight down by the streams. The plain is very fertile and culture is the main occupation of the persons. Many perennial rivers stream across the basic. Since the land is almost toned, it is very easy to construct water sources canals and have inland nav. It has excellent roads and railways, which are helpful for the establishment of many industries. forty percent of the total population of India lives here and it is called " The heart of India”.

3. PENINSULAR PLATEAU: It's the largest of India's physical divisions. Is it doesn't oldest and is also formed of hard dirt. The Narmada rift area divides the peninsular level into two parts. They are the Malwa level and the Deccan plateau. The Malwa plateau is bordered by the Aravalli hills inside the north-west as well as the Vindhya Mountain range in the southern. The total part of both these base is 7, 05, 500 sq . kilometers. and the shape is triangular. The Malwa plateau slopes towards the Gangetic Plain. The highest peak for the Aravallis is definitely Mt. Wizard Shikhar. The Deccan level is between the Satpura hills, the Mahadeo slopes, the Maikala range, the Amarkantak hillsides and the Rajmahal hills in the north and the Western Ghats in the west as well as the Eastern Ghats in the east. The Traditional western Ghats are called Sahyadris in Maharashtra and Karnataka and further south they may be called Nilgiris in Kerala and Annamalai range, Cardamom and Palani hills in Tamilnadu. Anaimudi in Annamalai range (2, 695 mts. ) is the highest top in South India. The Western Ghats and the Far eastern Ghats satisfy in the Nilgiri hills. The Peninsular plateau has financial importance because of its rich mineral resources and a lot of rivers, which have waterfalls. They help in the generation of hydroelectric electric power. The plateau is also well suited for the fostering of silk cotton and the heavy forests will be the home of several wild animals.

4. COASTAL FLATLANDS AND DESTINATIONS: Excluding the hawaiian islands, the landmass of India has 6, 100 kms length of coast. It runs from Kachchh in Gujarat in the west to the Gangetic delta in the east. The seacoast of India is divided into western coast and eastern coastal plains. The american coastal ordinary lies between your Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea and from the Gulf of mexico of Kachchh in the north upto Gabardine Comorin (Kanyakumari) in the south, with a duration of about one particular, 500 kilometers. It is broken into Malabar coast, Karnataka coast(Canara), Konkan seacoast, Gujarat coast and Kachchh and Kathiawad peninsulas. The coast is usually straight and affected by the South-West Monsoon winds over a period of six months. Therefore , there are just one or two good harbours Mumbai, Marmagoa, Cochin, Mangalore, Karwar, Nhava-Sheva and Kandla are the important ports around the West Shoreline. The asian coast extends from Kanyakumari to the Gangetic delta and between the Asian Ghats and the Bay...

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