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Courage collection 44-

Here it is stated the military are heros. It is all coming to a sad and weakling end, almost fuek their bravery. Bravery lines 13-15

Famous triplet (3 rhyming lines within a row) wonderful, simple summing of braveness of tese man ti remain a stradfast and continue. Significance

-valley of Death

-first " visual” haunts the poem

Line3- alludes to biblical psalm 23 " yea although I walk through the pit of the shadows of the death”

Line 7- refers to this several times turns into a refrain throughout the poem focuses our interest the courage of the troops.

Line 16- the whole composition revolves around the brave rekless, courgeous take action that is taking place in the valley. The picture is used up into your mind.

-Jaws of Death

-turns death in characters

Range 24- arnt lost of different images and ideas keeps the reader from the valley and thinking about the fight

Line 46- builds the theme and pictures and connaissance them home keeping the audience thinking about the basic tragic facts; and reminding them that the fess in least escaped Death's jaw.

Martin Luther Kind- ‘O have got a dream'

-delivered September 28th 1963 to over two hundred fifity 000 people also was aired an national TV SET in America -king was asking for equality for all Americans, black and white. -standing up for inequality limited support from legal system haqd a devevt faith and belief in a peaceful option " all the time we must rise…” -meeting riplene with non-violence

-preserence ablitiy to keep going

-the method speech is developed impasstend, rhymatic, clear/

-use symbolism, repition and many others to underscore what is needed to attain independence -speech calls for ALL people in america to agree to equality through fighting injustice with non-violence perserverence and the use of rules

Essay on Red Death Symbolism