The Flamingo Rising Article

Stephanie D'Souza

The english language II

Ms. Martin

Mar 14, 2013

Burning Over the Flamingo Drive-In

At a single point in existence everyone undergoes the process of developing up. It seems like the hardest element of life and sometimes gets extremely complicated. Teens are pushed every day to make decisions for themselves and its particular important to associated with right one. In Larry Baker's novel, The Flamingo Growing, the main figure in the book, Abraham, is faced with difficult selections to make. Consequently, he gets older with more encounters in his life which he uses while an advantage in his adult lifestyle. As a fresh teenager, Abraham was faced with the responsibility to accept the consequence of the consequence of his actions, help his family cure traumatic incidents and repair relationships to make them stronger.

Abraham is a Korean language boy that was adopted by Hubert and Edna Lee running the Flamingo Drive-in movie theater. Across the street is a funeral home of Turner West who was in love with Hubert's wife which makes them opponents. Alice, Flamingo employee, continues to be faced with tough times and was often looked straight down upon for her past, nevertheless she decides to help the love between the two families grow and also becomes Abraham's friend. A big event that happens every year is the Last of This summer. Every year there exists a plane that may be flown the other always does not go right. One year the funeral residence caught on fire and ever since the Lee family has not been trusted to host the Fourth of This summer celebration. The Lee family decides to perform an plane show which has a fireworks banner at the end of it. The airline malfunctioned as well as the pilot and Abraham's mother were quickly killed. The complete community was crushed and it was partially Abraham's responsibility to help them get through their reduction. Only Alice knew that Abraham caused the the plane incident, " Alice and I traveled to the flugzeughalle to find the [pilot's] plane…she lay outside ?nternet site cut the 2 wires” (293). Alice knew that in the event he had certainly not cut the wires he there...

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