The Things They will Carried Essay


Theme of Tim O'Brien " The Things They Carried"

Fear is a fundamental theme in " Those things They Transported. " Lavendar, Kiowa, Luxury touring. Cross, plus the soldiers demonstrate different types of dread. Jaclyna PerezJaclyna Perez

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Every one of the men in Vietnam carried physical problems, from the packs on their shells to their weapons and ammunition. However , that they carried intangible burdens as well. In Harry O'Brien's brief story, there exists an underlying concept of the fear because no persona can break free it. Dread is harbored by every one of the soldiers, whether or not they all perform their best to cover it, and it becomes even more evident as the story progresses. Lavendar

Lavendar is the most apparent of all the heroes carrying dread, and they can only cope with it through smoking clod, taking tranquilizers, and transporting extra forearms and ammo. In a way it can be ironic that he carried these extra physical problems because he perished when he would not have immediate fear of an enemy with out urgent thoughts as to safeguard himself. Kiowa

Kiowa is within awe of Lavendar's loss of life because he was the only one to determine it happen. He and the others recognize that death may take them anytime, even when they think they are secure. Kiowa wasn't able to get his mind off of the event and repeats the storyline to the additional men, disclosing his thoughts and anxiety about death. In order to deal with loss of life, he dehumanizes Lavendar simply by comparing him to bare cement, thus making death seem less personal. Even though Kiowa is portrayed as not feeling thoughts, it is this kind of detachment coming from death that allows him to hide his fear. Lt. Combination

Lt. Get across doesn't fear death but of disappointing and screwing up to protect his men. He feels in person responsible for the death of Lavendar; this individual thinks that if he had been paying more attention, Lavendar's fatality could have been eliminated. Because of his fear, this individual becomes even more determined to distance himself from the men and be more of a leader for them. Like Kiowa, he will not...

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