The Yin and Yang of Love Gione Wrong Essay

The Yin and Yang of Love Absent Wrong

Damon M. D. Domke, Sr.


Summer 4, 2012

Adeleke Adeeko, PhD

The Yin and Yang of Love Gone Wrong

Love Song

If you were drowning, I'd arrive to the rescue,

place you in my blanket and pour popular tea.

Basically were a sheriff, I'd personally arrest you

and keep you in the cell under secure and crucial.

If you were a bird, We ‘d minimize a record

and listen every night to your high-pitched trill.

Easily were a sergeant, would certainly be my recruit,

and young man i can assure you you'd probably love the drill.

If you were Chinese language, I'd the languages,

burn off a lot of incense, put on funny outfits.

If you were an image, I'd tornado the Ladies,

give you my reddish lipstick and puff your nose.

If you loved volcanoes, I'd end up being lava

renlentlessly erupting via my hidden source.

And if you had been my wife, I'd be your fan

because the house of worship is tightly against divorce.

Joseph Brodsky's poem, " Love Song” is a composition that describes the substance of what love is made for the reader: A male will do whatever for his love. The opening brand of the composition illustrates his feelings: " If you were too much water, I'd come to your rescue,

Wrap you in my blanket and pour hot tea” (Barnet, Cain, & Burto, 2005, l. 734). Almost always there is a song of love, which will emanates from male's heart, therefore the title of the poem, " Love Music. ” Countless times over the ages, man has gone down in love with a female and he can think of nothing but of his love. The moment Cupid's proverbial arrow happens the heart of a person, the very thoughts of the target of his affection consider him to places unknown. His head will ramble on inside the endless dreaming when he is definitely lost in sea of love. Many times however , he looks for a way to retain his like forever. ‘Like a chicken in a competition, his take pleasure in will withstand forever, ' is an adequate simile to explain how I understand what Brodsky's was trying to illustrate with this poem. Frederick Brodsky uses the literary convention and poetic device of imagery to show his emotions of love...

Recommendations: Barnet, S i9000., Cain, T. E., & Burto, Watts. (2005). Literature for Formula (9th education. ).

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