Theme: Loss of life Author: David Metzenthen book: Boys of blood and bone Essay


The theme that we have chosen is fatality. I chose this kind of theme because death leads to00 Andy's your life and this plays a part in Henry's life. It affects all of us in our lives because people expire all the time and folks go through hard a time when people die and that's what happens available. I will be explaining how death is used in the book from the Initially World War and during the present day.

Henry/ Contemporary:

Henry available thinks about fatality when he thought of the Initially World War. When he go through Andy's diary he had wished to see reports about people fighting and folks dying nevertheless he will he finds out that the combats aren't in depth and the deaths aren't in greater detail either in order that made Holly disappointed. (A passage through the text pg. 37 He was keen to find reference to the fighting - but when he would the items were basically and disappointingly written without detail. )

Henry imagines being inside the war planning to pick up a man who has died and dreamed of what it can be like to keep the man who may have died and after that dig a hole and bury all of them in the gap. (A passageway from the textual content pg. 35 Henry tried to imagine what it would be want to pick up somebody who was deceased; maybe take an provide, a still-warm wrist, that help carry the person to a rough hole and lower all of them in. That they had be heavy. There would be blood vessels and wounds. You'd spade the dirt in cautiously. At the start. This individual could think about. And then they'd be gone. )

And later in in the history Henry in fact would encounter how it felt once someone he knew acquired died as well as the thoughts and things that he experienced. (A passage from the text message pg. 174 Trot was dead. The phrase, although Holly had not stated it out high in volume, began to take some type, as if it absolutely was solidifying. However never had to deal with the word, or the community like this before. Trot was dead. Having been gone. Right now. Gone. )

Andy/ 1st World Conflict 1918

Andy goes to the First Community War and he goes toward France to fight for his country Down under. During that amount of...

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