Theory Kopie of Florencia Nightingale Dissertation

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Environmental Theory of Florence Nightingale

Theory Description

Scope of theory: Grand Theory

Aim of the theory: " everyday hygienic knowledge, and also the knowledge of medical, or put simply, of how that will put the metabolic rate in such a state as that it may have no disease, or that it can get over disease. ” * Key focus was your control of the planet of individuals and families, equally healthy and ill. * Because it clarifies the totality of the behavior.

Origins of theory: Nightingale's model of breastfeeding was developed prior to general approval of modern disease theories (ie, the germ theory) and also other theories of medical technology. Nightingale understood the bacteria theory, and prior to their wide publication she had deduced that cleanliness, oxygen, sanitation, enjoyment socialization were necessary to curing. She used her encounters in Scutari Army Clinic in Poultry and in various other hospitals by which she performed to document her suggestions on medical. Major concepts: Major regions of the environment: well being of houses, ventilation and heat, light, sound, variety, bed and bedding, cleanliness of rooms and walls, personal cleanliness, and nutrition. Main theoretical offrande are the following: Not explained


1 . Breastfeeding is individual from medication.

2 . Nurses should be trained.

3. The planet is important to the health in the patient. 5. The disease method is certainly not important to breastfeeding.

5. Nursing should certainly support the planet to assist the individual in curing. 6. Research should be employed through observation and empirics to define the nursing discipline. 7. Nursing is usually both empirical science and an art.

8. Nursing's concern is with anybody in the environment. 9. The person is reaching the environment.

10. Sick and well will be governed by same regulations of well being. 11. The nurse ought to be observant and confidential.

Circumstance for use: Healthful environment stimulates health simply by meeting customer's needs. Supporting the patient in his or her retention of " vital powers” by simply meeting their needs, and so, putting the person in the greatest condition pertaining to nature to behave upon.

Theory Analysis

Theoretical definitions pertaining to major principles:

Health of homes

2. Nightingale said, " Poorly constructed homes do pertaining to the healthier what desperately constructed hostipal wards do intended for the unwell. Once make sure that the surroundings is at standstill and sickness is certain to adhere to. " Air flow and Increased temperatures

2. Nightingale stated that it was necessary to " keep your air this individual breathes since pure since the external air, with no chilling him". * The girl urged the caregiver to consider the origin of surroundings in the person's room. And stressed the value of area temperature. Mild

* Mentioned that " quiet true and concrete effects upon the human body". Noise

* Mentioned that patients should never be waked intentionally or accidentally through the first part of sleep. 2. She looked at it while the nurse's responsibility to assess and stop the noise. * While particular testing from the effects of noise has been performed, it has not been within the framework of Nightingale. The exception is the work simply by McCarthy, Quimet, and Daun 1991 who also extrapolated data from creature studies to aid Nightingale's affirmation that noises affects treatment. Variety

* Talked about the need for within color and form. Which includes bringing the affected person brightly colored plants or crops. * Nightingale also advocated reading, needlework, writing, and cleaning because activities to alleviate the sick of boredom. Pickup bed and Bed linens

* Noted that an adult in heath exhales about three pints of moisture through the lungs and skin area in a 24-hour period. This kind of organic subject enters the sheets and stays generally there unless the bedding is changed and aired usually. * In modern hostipal wards mattresses are often covered with plastic or perhaps other materials that could be washed to eliminate drainage, excreta or various other matter. These kinds of...

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