threshold Dissertation

Tolerance Differences in Fat Perception

Experimental Psychology (PSYC 3070)

Aina Sofia binti Muhamad Ali (1011816)

Atikah binti Ishak (1015168)

Hamed Shafiul Haque (1027057)

Nurul Atikah binti Azmi (1018156)

Shaqira Afina binti Mohd Azman (1021348)

Siti Hajar binti Norhan (1024812)

13 March 2014

Paper published as part fulfilment of requirement for PSYC 3070 Trial and error Psychology, Section 3, instructed by Doctor Harris Shah Abdul Hamid at the Department of Mindset, International Islamic University Malaysia, Semester two, 2013/2014. Subjective

This paper is a report on an research conducted with the aim to find out whether the value of big difference threshold is equal to the proposed theory of Weber's law. This present conventional paper is also interested in investigating on the extent that the threshold may happen. The difference tolerance in this research is determined by using the basic concept of Weber's rules in which the constant is 0. 02. Thirteen participants (five male and eight female) students had been selected by utilizing convenience sample. By using 3rd party group models (between subject matter designs), the participants have already been exposed to a unique testing factor (constant excess weight and arbitrary weight) at the same time. For the end result, Weber's regular was determined by using the method О”I as well as I sama dengan k. Two graphs were presented showing the result plus the comparison between both charts showed there is no romantic relationship exists since there is no uppr threshold discovered.


The study on threshold is not the modern area in our daily life nowadays. Experienced has examine the function of threshold broadly in many areas of computer system sciences and technologies such as in Boolean circuit (Babai, Hanse, Podolskii & Sun, 2007) and Power Assist Robot Program (PARS) (Rahman et. 's, 2010). The idea of threshold would be that the differences of constant fragmentary; sectional relations of two intensities will produce the difference threshold (Hecht,...

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