To RLK Essay

To RLK's Board of Directors:

The newest technological advancement for RLK Media is the iVid. Executing the delivery of this item to market will be vital towards the future success of the organization. When deciding the best technique for an efficient delivery of the product, outsourcing R& D to Innova is the best decision as it allows RLK Media to reach market quicker while manipulating the costs. Outsourced workers R& D is recommended because there is not enough coming back RLK Press to develop the mandatory team internally. It is imperative that RLK Media is definitely the first to market for the iVid which requires duplicity the software crew as quickly as possible. Another outsourcing highly recommended is because of the significant price savings. Using an outsourcing approach allows RLK Media to save cash on R& D, although also eliminate the costly and timely process of searching for and developing the team internally. The last reason outsourced workers is recommended is due to the ability to utilize additional understanding. By integrating with the appropriate company, RLK Media may immediately take full advantage of their competence in the field and use collaboration techniques to execute the proper technique.

It is important that RLK Media discover a partner that can help with producing software immediately without creating any setbacks to the application currently set up. Innova is the foremost partner for RLK Multimedia to perform this strategy. Innova currently offers large R& D labs with enough man capacity to efficiently satisfy RLK Media's needs. This allows RLK Press to increase their knowledge on the iVid more rapidly than planning to do it internally. Innova has worked with Pycosonics, RLK's greatest competitor, and may inevitably take over several intellectual home that RLK Media may not have access to normally. This will give RLK Mass media the speed, precision, and particular knowledge had to make the iVid a success. Innova will be able to give insight to specific application...

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