Essay on Tongue Twisters

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.

If Philip Piper picked out a peck of pickled peppers,

Where's the peck of pickled peppers Philip Piper picked?

2I saw Susie soaking in a sneaker shine store.

Where your woman sits your woman shines, and where the lady shines your woman sits.

3How many planks

Could the Mongols hoard

In case the Mongol large numbers got tired? from the comicВ Calvin & Hobbes, by Bill Waterson

4How can a clam stuff in a clean cream can easily?

5Send toasted bread to five tense strong saints' five tall outdoor tents. by Raymond Weisling

6Denise sees the fleece,

Denise sees the fleas.

In least Denise could sneeze

and feed and freeze the fleas.

7Coy is aware pseudonoise unique codes. by Calcul Abbat

8Sheena leads, Andrea needs.

9The thirty-three robbers thought that they thrilled the throne through Thursday.

10Something in a thirty-acre thermal thicket of thorns and thistles thumped and thundered threatening the three-D thoughts of Matthew the thug - though, theatrically, it was only the thirteen-thousand thistles and thorns through the underneath of his leg that the twenty five year old mobster ? goon thought of that morning. by simply Meaghan Desbiens

11Can you can a may as a empailler can can a can easily?

12Seth in Sainsbury's markets thick socks.

13You cuss, I cuss, we all cuss, for asparagus! from a Far Area cartoon simply by Gary Larson

14Roberta happened to run rings about the Roman ruins.

15Clean clams crammed in clean cans.

16Six unwell hicks computer chip six smooth bricks with picks and sticks.

17I wish to would like the would like you wish to would like, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you intend to wish.

18Stupid superstition!

19There was a fisherman named Fisher

who had gone fishing for some seafood in a cassure.

Till a fish using a grin,

taken the fisherman in.

Today they're fishing the cassure for Fisher.

20World Extensive Web

21To sit in solemn peace and quiet in a dull, dark dock,

In a pestilential prison, with a life-long fasten,

Awaiting the feeling of a short, sharp distress,

From an affordable and chippy chopper over a big black block!

To sit in solemn quiet in a boring, dark dock,

In a pestilential prison, which has a life-long lock,

Awaiting the feeling of a short, sharp distress,

From an affordable and chippy chopper on the big dark block!

A dull, dark dock, a life-long secure,

A short, well-defined shock, a huge black stop!

To stay in solemn silence in a pestilential penitentiary,

And anticipating the sensation

By a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black prevent! by W. S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fromВ The Mikado

22Picky persons pick Philip Pan Peanut-Butter, 'tis the peanut-butter particular people choose. from a commercial

23If Stu chews shoes, should Stu choose the shoes he chews?

24Luke Good fortune likes wetlands.

Luke's sweet likes ponds.

Luke Fortune licks wetlands.

Luck's sweet licks lakes.

Duck will take licks in lakes Lomaz Luck likes.

Luke Fortune takes notes in lakes duck loves. from Dr . Seuss'В Fox in Socks

25Seventy seven good-hearted elephantsharder than it seems

26There those thousand thinkers were thinking just how did the other 3 thieves move through.

27Santa's Short Suit Shrunkname of a children's book

28I was born on a pirate shipHold your tounge while declaring it.

29I scream, you scream, we all scream pertaining to icecream!

30Wayne went to Wales to watch walruses.

31In 'ertford, 'ereford and 'ampshire, 'urricanes 'ardly Hever 'appen. through the film " My Fair Lady"

32One-one was a race horse.

Two-two was one particular too.

One-one won a single race.

Two-two won 1 too.

33Eleven benevolent elephants

34Celibate celebrant, celibate celebrant, celibate celebrant,...

35Willy's actual rear wheelDavid Bowser in Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA

36If Pickford's packers crammed a bundle of crisps would the packet of crisps that Pickford's packers packed endure for two and a half years? by Naomi Fletcher's real life

37Six sleek swans swam swiftly southwards|...

Essay by what It’s Love to Be a Black Girl by Patricia Cruz Compared to Country Lovers by simply Nadine Gordimer.