Topic: Should Drugs Must be Legalised in Sport Essay

I really believe that medicines should NOT be made legal in sport. This is due to pretty much the same explanation it isn't legal now.

The main reason that we believe that medications should not be made legal is that: if drugs should start being legal in sport than what is definitely stopping that from getting legal on the globe. I think that drugs really should not be used at all. There will be no stopping persons from using sport as they is going to just admit they play one sport or another.

Furthermore, everyone knows that medicines are harmful things. Earning you dependent on them then slowly go your body of its well being. So it could possibly be true that the usage of sport may enhance the quality of sport and bring competition to a higher level, the usage of prescription drugs for this is going to cut short the sport's life of many sportsmen. Besides, competition in its current level is already large. This will stay high for a longer period as it will have no medicines to injury the players.

One more drugs ought not to be used is a morality to it. Should drugs be made legal in sport, sport won't be based on individual skillsets but , it can sadly always be based on, that is using even more drugs, and what type of prescription drugs they are applying. Sport won't be the fair video game that we find out now.

There are however, some reasons why the usage of drugs may appeal to some people and especially the athletes. The majority of athletes observe sport as a method in which they can improve themselves beyond the standard level and also other athletes. The application of drugs simply by athletes will improve the level of competition drastically. The drugs will boost the performance level of almost all athletes to the almost abnormal level. For instance , in monitor events, new records will be made. In tennis for example , the game play will be a lot more exciting due to the increase speed and power the players will be able to do. This will bring up the excitement amount of sport. New level of sport will attract even more attention and so, the sports economy will probably be given a...

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