Tuesday with Morrie Article



1 . Mitch's life in different stages--------------------------------------------------page 1 • Mitch—a college student at Brandeis University

• Mitch—after college graduation

2 . Mitch's life in different levels (cont')-------------------------------------------page a couple of • Mitch—after meeting Morrie

3. Glare on topics discussed in the book----------------------------------page two • Tradition

4. Glare on topics discussed available (cont')--------------------------page several • Tension of Opposites

• Aging

5. Glare on topics discussed in the book (cont')--------------------------page some • Human relationships

6. Story and structure---------------------------------------------------------------page 4 six. Recommendation --------------------------------------------------------------page 4


|Mitch's life at several stages |My opinion about Mitch's your life at diverse stages | |Mitch—a college student at Brandeis University |Mitch was naïve, innocent, and knew nothing at all much about the tough your life outside | |He researched sociology at university and Morrie was the professor for some of |the campus. This individual believed along with his talents in music, he could follow a | |his classes. They developed a close teacher-student relationship and had |profession inside the music location; he thought if this individual worked hard, he may succeed. | |fatherly interactions. Morrie, because an experienced and old mentor, taught |This belief is common among teens, both in Mitch's days and nowadays. | |Mitch lessons of your life; Mitch, aged unafraid, shared his imagine being a |Being one of them, I sometimes include that sense. However , after reading this | |musician with Morrie, in spite of knowing the reality most music artists live hard |book, We begin to understand that the world sets a lot of limitations to us—the | |lives. To Mitch, Morrie was a particular teacher to him and he would feel secure |majority could not obtain what they once dreamed to be. | |and carefree once talking with him. | | |Mitch—after graduation |As the majority could hardly achieve what they once imagined to be, some of them | |The years after graduation hard Mitch's persona from what he was |would blindly pursue after materialistic wealth and financial achievement, as these| |before. His music profession was not a success; therefore , this individual soon abandoned his |could bring them short-term happiness and sense of fulfillment. That is not | |dream. At the same time, he had his first serious face with death—his |only happen on Mitch, but also majority of persons in the society. This | |favorite granddad had died from pancreatic cancer by his 40s. His life had |temporary happiness probably would not last long. Consequently , in my opinion, it would be| |changed—he felt like time were suddenly important, and that the meaning of |much better to focus on love rather than money, as love can bring us | |life was to accomplish all the tasks as he could so that he can squeeze in |everlasting memory and pleasure. Take Morrie as an example, he developed good| |every last piece of pleasure before receiving sick and die. He worked as being a |relationship together with his family, friends, as well as his students. During his | |newspaper writer, a hectic work in which he worked nearly to fatality and kept |last months, many of his students went from other countries just to visit| |little time for himself or his wife Janine. He lose contact with Morrie and |him; his wife and child stayed with him and had taken good care of him. The | |considered Morrie's existence lesson about ‘being human',...

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