women and sexual freedom Dissertation

Ladies and Sexual Independence

In Leslie Bell's " Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom, ” twenty something ladies are confronted by the struggles of being a lady in this day and age realizing they are really being moved to act in a way suitable enough for men and the norms of society. The writer uses the concept of sex and love to express the way these women experience using the term " splitting” to rank the uncertainty and concern women have about their freedoms. The meaning of Bell's job is truly highlighted showing how over personal strength of financial, political, and social power can make women feel " weighed straight down by competing cultural notion” (Bell 26). The essay accentuates the idea that women do not know how to get what exactly they want or what they want as well because of gender functions, gender politics, and division of electricity in " normative” heterosexual relationships. The result that modernization had on women came with opportunities and freedom, although also with the buying price of having the " paradox acted in this fresh freedom” (Bell 24). In Bell‘s work, she talks about how " in contemporary western tradition, autonomy and all that accompany that are much even more highly appreciated than will be interdependence and that accompany it” (Bell 29). From psychoanalytically analyzing girls, she uses the word " splitting” to describe how a lot of women feel as if they cannot become valiant and self-assertive whilst they are with men. These kinds of women deem themselves to get vulnerable and quite often dodge new possible undertakings open to all of them. Some females " dreaded losing all their identities and independence through being in an personal relationship” (Bell 30). As women supposed they would lose their freedom when being in a close relationship, these were split amongst three archetypes: sexual woman, relational female, and desiring woman. (Ending) Gender politics plays a crucial role in how the term " splitting” is used with regards to men. Women feel as if they can be being undermined by males at work as well as at home...

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